MMdesign 3D FX and Animated Graphics

. . - MPEG samples on this page are set at a 320 x 240 resolution.

Video Intro
. . . - Company identity at a glance.

Aries Productions
. .
. - Company Identity.

CBRE Corporation - LUNA
. .
. - "Someday Soon" video.

3D AutoCAD conversions
. . . - AutoCad to 3D Max animation.

Box Logic Corporation
. .
. - Company Identity.





MPEG video excerpt for "Challenge of the Five Realms" demo.
From 1991 - A Sword and Sorcery PC video game
Preiew the "Challenge of the Five Realms" animated feature.


MPEG video trailer for "Mantis" demo.
Also from 1991 - A PC video game about a future space war..


MPEG video "The IT Group Road Show"
For use in a PowerPoint presentation describing The IT Group capabilities.

MPEG presentation rendered in 3DMAX



Animated Gif
Showcasing Republic Service's Carelton Farms brochure.


Animated Gif
Showcasing the 2001 IT Group holiday card.



Animated Gif
Morphing logo communicating a new company identity.



Animated Gif
Showcasing the 2002 IT Group holiday card.


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