Traditional illustration rendered with colored pencil.


Genco Banner Illustration - Digital illustration using Photoshop.


The Phoenix - Traditional illustration rendered with an airbrush.


Silence of the Lambs
I crafted cell doors for this memorable movie set while employed at The Object Works.



Jessop Steel Co
I crafted this sculpture while employed at The Object Works.


Traditional illustration rendered in pencil.


Digital photo retouch completed in Photoshop


Digital photo retouch for advertising layout completed in Photoshop


The IT Group 1997 Annual Report cover illustration.


The IT Group 1998 Annual Report cover illustration.
Rendered in 3D Studio and Photoshop.



Illustration and die design for The IT Group embossed pocket folder



Interoffice poster promoting excellence and success rendered in Photoshop.



Safety Award graphic rendered in CorelDraw.


T-shirt pocket Illustration rendered in CorelDraw.



Illustrated character rendered in Deluxe Paint Animation.
"ARMS" was created for "Mantis" a PC game about a future space war.



Proposal graphic rendered in CorelDraw.




Proposal graphic rendered in CorelDraw.




EMCON ad illustration rendered in Photoshop.




Illustration created for use in The IT Group 2001 Annual Report.




Illustration created for Vetter Productivity & Consulting.



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